Eco-friendly Wooden Medal Guide Available for download 2021!

Eco-friendly Medals – The future of bespoke medals

Swift is leading the way in their offering of laser cut / etched custom wooden medals & awards. Swift design and make bespoke wooden race medals in Any Size, Shape or Thickness.  We specialise in creating eco-friendly custom wooden medals that stand out from the crowd. 


Make The Right Kind Of Impact

Times are changing and people care more than ever about the provenance and sustainability of their items – and the events industry is no different, with a huge drive to make events greener, more sustainable and less damaging to the environment. This is also a popular choice for charities as it speaks to a larger mission. Swift is passionate about creating medals that speak your brand’s message and where better to start than the material it’s etched on? Swift offers a vast range of different materials and finishes. You can choose from Birchply, Walnut, Cherry Veneer and Oak. 


Not only are these medals made from sustainably sourced materials, they are produced in house or by our local suppliers right here in the UK! This means the carbon footprint of your medal is drastically reduced as traditional medals are typically produced overseas. As a result, eco-friendly custom wooden medals are more affordable as there’s no need to pay air freight! And you also save on expensive set up costs making this eco-friendly alternative a great value and cost effective option.


Fast and Affordable

 The lead times for eco-medals are shorter due to our production being based in the UK and having less complicated and expensive set up costs. This means we can work to tight deadlines if necessary although typically we would advise a 2 – 3 week turnaround where possible.


Delivery costs are kept to a minimum with no expensive sea or air freight to account for. Set up is also much cheaper as there is no one-off cast/mould charge so it is possible to process smaller quantity orders quickly and cheaply. For this reason, we are able to send out samples of the final product before going into final production if required. 


There are also further discounts to be found through high volume orders as we are able to buy the required materials in bigger bulk. We also offer discounts to charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Swift Event Supplies are pioneering the design and development of eco-friendly wooden sports medals across the events industry. Our creative team can guide you through which manufacturing process will offer the best results and turn that dream medal into a reality.


Swift Wooden Bespoke Medals Designed and Manufactured in the U.K

Some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly wooden medals!

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