Swift Event Supplies are the market leaders for bespoke eco-friendly wooden medals, custom printed clothing and branded merchandise.

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Innovative eco-friendly event supplies designed and manufactured for event organisers & charities across the U.K and Ireland.

The creative aspect of this role is what really inspires us. Helping to design event supplies that are eye-catching and help to promote the brand and message of the great organisations that we work with really motivates us. Because of this, we are constantly thinking of new ways that we can introduce something interesting, special and relevant to the events sector. 


Our most recent champion is the introduction of eco-friendly wooden medals. Swift has been championing wooden medals since 2011 but their popularity surged in 2018 due to their benefits environmentally and by being a budget-friendly alternative to traditional medals. Sustainability and the environment are key for the future of the planet and for the future of Swift – watch this space! 


We love designing incredible items for you and a lot of time is spent generating industry-leading creative images that you can use for your marketing campaigns. We stand apart from the rest with the quality of these images and the final product to match.  


Our small, dedicated team have the knowledge and experience to help you make the most of your event. We have a personal relationship with all of our customers and, due to our size, you will not be overlooked. Whatever the order size, we are here to provide you with the full weight of our expertise to ensure you get exactly what you’re after.  

We are the Future of Bespoke Medals 2024! Swift Event Supplies is proud of our creative work supporting the sports events industry & charity sector for the past 10+ years.

The team

Swift is the brainchild of Chris Dolan, a Northampton-born creative with a unique and always exciting approach. Chris studied Product Design at the University of Lincoln, achieving a first-class honours degree as well as the Dean’s award in 2009. He then went to work for a lead-player in the sports event supplies industry as a creative designer – this is where his passion for medal and sportswear design began to flourish. 


In 2011 Chris made the decision to take the experience he gained to set up on his own and transform it into Swift. Since then he has been at the forefront of the industry, creating and producing bespoke medals for events all over the world. 


His sister, Tessa Dolan, joined the team in 2014 and has taken the reigns to allow Chris the creative room he needs to produce exceptional medals and innovate. Tessa’s previous experience in customer-facing roles and her organisational skills allowed Swift to take the leap into running their own sports events. 


Having arrived in Lincoln, Swift never left! Swift HQ is located in the rolling countryside of Lincolnshire, just outside of the city centre, with views across to the Cathedral.  

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Running events/supporting charities

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Swift began running their own mass participation fun runs in 2015. They jumped in at the deep end with a Santa Fun Run & Walk in their home town of Northampton. This event quickly became well established in the event calendar and spread to many cities across the country. From there, they have gone on to host over 40 mass participation events; They range from competitive running races, obstacle course racing (OCR) through to themed events involving costumes, colour powder and some bubbles for good measure. For a while, they also had the largest inflatable Santa in the UK (don’t ask!). 

As part of their event organising, they have worked with hundreds of charities along the way. As a result, Swift have a unique insight into how to make these partnerships work and generate significant donations from their participants. This experience has pushed Swift to diversify in their offering of event supplies to meet the demands of this sector, introducing popular and customisable add-to-cart items.