Swift Environmental Policy 2021 UK

Swift Environmental Policy is committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.

As innovators and pioneers in our field we recognise our responsibilities to take a leadership in promoting sustainable good practice. 

  • Make sure we recycle materials whenever possible, ensuring that materials are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.  
  • We will give the best practice in the protection of the environment. 
  • Communicate with customer and our suppliers to find less cost-effective ways to minimise the environment impact on our planet.  
  • Communicate with our customers to advise them of the best way to recycle. 
  • Proactively sourcing of eco-friendly alternatives for our products we supply. 
  • We passionately explore environmental alternatives to our event supply products. 
  • Provide training and updates for our staff to update their knowledge and manage environmental concerns to our operations.  
  • Manage organisation to make sure that complete legislative compliance are met. 
  • Proactively look to enhance our eco-friendly product range. Only use ethically and sustainable materials. 

Your contact information

Telephone Number: 01522 542246

Email: Sales@swifteventsupplies.com