Wooden Medal FAQs

Q. Where are the wooden medals made?

A. All of our eco-friendly wooden medals are made right here in the UK. Some are made in our workshop in Lincoln, but when a larger laser is required we get some extra help from our local supplier.


Q. How long do I have to wait for my medal?


A. Compared to traditional metal medals, the lead times are much faster! Once your design has been agreed, your order can be with you within 2-3 weeks. Check with our team today to discuss live productions lead times. 

Q. How much do they cost?


A. Wooden medals overall tend to be cheaper than traditional medals. This is because you save on expensive mould/set up costs and overseas delivery. Our medals can cost as little as ____p per unit.

Q. What are the benefits of wooden medals?


A. Where do we start?

– Sustainable

– Made in the UK

– Cost effective

– Speedy delivery

– Low carbon footprint

– Each one is unique


For more benefits and to see the variety of designs that be achieved, visit our eco-friendly wooden medals page for more information.


Q. Is each medal identical?


A. Because our medals are made of a natural material, each one is unique. However, we use quality, high-grade materials, any knots in the wood are kept to a minimum and should not exceed 35mm.

Q. Can these medals be personalised?

A. Because of the laser technique, we can personalise each medal for its recipient! We can add names, distances or messages for only a small additional cost.

Q. Are these medals sustainable?


A. Yes! The wood for each medal is sustainably sourced.

Q. How does it work?


A. Our eco-friendly wooden medals are cut using a high powered laser. Usually wood would burn, but these lasers are so strong that the wood essentially evaporates, turning to smoke! If you want more information about the laser cutting process, take a look here.

If you still have more questions, or would like to place an order, please click below to get in touch!

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