Eco- friendly wooden Medals UK

Eco-friendly Wooden Medals That Don’t Cost The Earth! πŸ… 🌎 πŸƒ πŸ‘£

Wooden Medals UK

Eco-friendly Wooden Medals

At Swift Event Supplies, we proudly support going local with custom wooden medals that are designed and manufactured in the UK. We want to help you say goodbye to long lead times and costly mould charges – after all, who doesn’t love an affordable solution? Our team has organised mass participation sporting and fundraising events ourselves, wooden medals were a perfect product to promote our eco-friendly events.Β 

  1. Laser etched or U.V printed wooden medalsΒ 
  2. Industry-leading creative serviceΒ 
  3. More economical than imported bespoke metal medalsΒ 
  4. Planet a tree for every order of wooden medals placed with Swift Event SuppliesΒ 

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Trees Not Tees partnership with Swift Event Supplies

Wooden Medals Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Bespoke wooden medals designed and manufactured in the UK offer several benefits, for event organisers and charities. Not only does local design and manufacturing result in an easier logistics process with shorter lead times, but it is often more economical too. Additionally, there are greater sustainable options available when goods are produced closer to home; more oversight in regards to ensuring materials meet regulations and reducing transportation costs from overseas shipping. With all these benefits in mind, UK-based design and manufacturing can be an attractive option for those seeking high-quality eco-friendly wooden medals and printed lanyards.Β 

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