colour run photo with thousands of runners throwing colour powder in the air at the warm up area of a colour run charity event.

Make a Splash with Sustainable Colour Run Essentials! 🌈🍃

Swift Event Supplies is a one-stop shop for all your colour-run event requirements. Swift has everything you need to organise a mass participation or fundraising fun run for all you need to make it an event to remember.

From the startline to the race day finish, we’re dedicated to providing the best environmentally conscious products, and we’re passionate about making your event one that not only bursts with colour but also with a commitment to sustainability. Read on to find out why our colourful range of products is the perfect choice for your 2024 spring and summer colour runs and festivals.

colour powder manufactured in the UK. Hands showing colour powder bright colours close up photo of holi colour powder made in the UK.

Sustainable Colour Powder – MADE IN THE UK

Our non-toxic EN-certified colour powder is more than just a burst of colour; it’s a statement — a statement of our commitment to provide products that are safe, high-quality and environmentally responsible. Proudly manufactured right here in the UK, our powder reflects the beauty and safety of our local environment. With our unique blend, you can ensure that every dash of colour in your run offers a gentle touch to the earth and your participants.

Did you know we can make colour powder to match your charity and event brand colours. Choose from viberant 8 stock colours or make your own. Our colour powder is designed for colour runs and Holi festivals manufactured in the UK. 

Our colour powder, crafted exclusively from cornflower and natural ingredients, sets the standard for both quality and safety in any setting. Proudly EN-certified, our powders are the choice of hundreds of schools, charities, mass participation events, and fundraisers each year that demand the highest safety standards. Designed for eco-conscious and sustainable events, we commit to providing a product that not only brightens your gatherings but does so with utmost consideration for the environment and participant safety.


children holding wooden medals for a colour run. Colour powder all over the childrens t-shirts and faces as they proudly show off the eco-friendly wooden medals from a colour run in the UK.


Our environmentally friendly wooden medals are crafted to perfection, allowing your runners to take home a memory that doesn’t cost the Earth. These medals go beyond just being a keepsake; they’re a powerful way to celebrate the finish line in a manner that honours sustainability and innovation. Choose from laser etched or add your brand colours with U.V printed wooden sports medals. The perfect choice for event organisers and charity fundraising colour runs.

plain white t-shirts for colour runs. Colour run event t-shirts.


Imagine a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece — that’s exactly what our white event t-shirts offer. Made with sustainability in mind, these shirts not only make for the perfect opportunity for a pop of colour but also a lasting memento of the vibrant spirit of your event. Swift Event Supplies can offer plain white t-shirts or we can print your charity or event branding on the event t-shirts so your brand awareness is increased most positively and vibrantly. 

Team of runners wearing sunglasses at a colour run event for charity supporting Sue Ryder charity. Happy runnenrs wearing plain white t-shirt covered in holi colour powder.


The sun’s out, and so are the colours. Protect your runners’ eyes in style with our branded sunglasses, the crest of coolness in a sea of colour. Not only do they add a touch of flair to the event, but they also serve as a fantastic way to showcase your brand. It’s a win-win under the summer sky.


Because, really, who can resist the fun of colourful tutus and the timeless tropical touch of floral leis? Our accessories transform every runner into a living, breathing artwork that looks great in your event photos. These merchandise products are a great way to increase your funds for your charity or if you are an events company increase your revenue and sales on the event day.

WE ARE PROUD TO OFFER discounts FOR ALL UK registered charities FOR THEIR sustainable COLOUR RUN essentialS!

Introducing a World of Sustainability — Why Choose SWIFT EVENT SUPPLIES as your colour-run event supplies partner. 

Sustainability isn’t a trend; it’s a way of life. At SWIFT EVENT SUPPLIES eco-friendly products are what drives us and set us apart from the rest, it’s woven into the very fabric of our products. Here’s why your next colourful event should partner with us:

  • Colour Powder for colour runs and Holi festivals manufactured in the UK. Made from cornflower and natural dyes, we supply our safe EN-certified powders to hundreds of schools, charities, large events and fundraisers every year.
  • FSC-Certified Timber and Beyond Our promise of ethical sourcing doesn’t stop with words — it’s certified with action. The FSC stamp on our timber is just the beginning of our efforts to aid in ecological conservation.
  • Trees not Tees Partnership: For every event that opts for our eco-friendly supplies, we plant a tree. It’s a partnership that speaks volumes about our commitment to the environment.
  • Local Over Global: By opting for local manufacturing, we reduce our carbon footprint significantly, making your every event a step in the right direction.
  • Eco Packaging Revolution: Every product is bundled with joy, and our sustainable packaging reflects our commitment to a cleaner tomorrow. We’ve said farewell to single-use plastics and embraced a new standard of earth-friendly event supplies.

Are you ready to deliver a colour run event for a eco-conscious audience?

Our products will not only colour your events in the brightest of hues but also carry the story of living in harmony with our environment. Reach out to us today and secure your order. It’s more than just supplies; it’s a partnership for a sustainable tomorrow.

Stay vibrant, stay sustainable and safe.

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