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Bespoke medal lead-times

Bespoke sports medals lead-times

Making a successful event takes more than a great concept and clever execution – everything needs to come together in the right time frame for success. When you’re organising an event, time is of the essence because delays can impact ticket sales and engagement with attendees. Lead time is crucial: not only does it provide structure throughout the planning process, but it also ensures that all elements are accounted for when they need to be. Having a swift lead time helps organisers anticipate possible costs and work out how short-term resources can be used most effectively. This blog post will explain why having timely lead times should be top of the list when organising events such as mass participation sports events, charity fundraisers, or conferences. Sports Medals Lead-times 

Swift Event Supplies has 10+ years of experience supporting the events industry with hundreds of event organisers and charities creating innovative bespoke products for events all over the world now Sports Medals Lead-times. We are trusted by prestigious customers such as British Triathlon, Nike, Cancer Research UK, NFL, Rainbows Children’s Hospice, The Willow Foundation, Forest Marathon, Winchester Half Marathon, Run Ireland, Castle Races Series, Limelight Sports, Rat Race Adventure Sports to name just a few.

swift event supplies

Swift Event Supplies is proud to work with event organisers and charities for the past 10+ years.

Below is a selection of some of the innovative products Swift Event Supplies designs and manufactures for the UK and global market in Sports Medals Lead-times.

Swift offers a One-Stop-Shop for Event Organisers, Sports Clubs and Charities.

  • Bespoke Eco-friendly Wooden Medals (Designed & Made in the U.K)
  • Bespoke Metal Sports Medals (Swift Chinese Factory)
  • Printed Lanyards (Made with Recycled Water Bottles RPet)
  • Merchandise Shops (Maximise your 2023 revenue with your own demand Swift shops to enhance your brand, charity or organisation)
  • Eco-friendly Event T-Shirts (Screen Printed & Full Sublimation)
  • Printed Sports Clothing
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Charity Sports Socks (Bamboo & Rpet)
  • Bobble & Beanies Hats
  • Printed Snoods
  • Banners & Feather Flags (Event branding large format printing)

Swift manufactures a wide range of goods in the U.K. and the far east to ensure we offer the most competitive service and continue to lead the field when it comes to bespoke event supplies.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK
Sports Medals Lead-times

Designed and manufactured in the UK offers several benefits, for both businesses and consumers alike. Not only does local design and manufacturing result in an easier logistics process with shorter lead times, but it is often more economical too. Additionally, there are greater sustainable options available when goods are produced closer to home; more oversight in regards to ensuring materials meet regulations and reducing transportation costs from overseas shipping. With all these benefits in mind, UK-based design and manufacturing can be an attractive option for those seeking quality and sustainability.

Sea Freight Vs Air Freight

swift event supplies

When it comes to transporting event supplies, many businesses have to choose between sea freight and air freight. Of the two options, sea freight is often the more cost-efficient choice due to the sheer volume of goods that can be transported in one shipment. It’s also possible to save even more costs when sending goods via sea freight as manufacturers in the UK may be able to provide bespoke products at significantly lower prices than importing from countries in the far east. In this case, both time and money can be saved without sacrificing quality by ordering these items from local manufacturers. Ultimately, when deciding between shipping options for event supplies, it is prudent for companies to first weigh their options regarding budget and timeline before making a decision.

 When importing goods from China many other suppliers push for excessive lead times so they can maximise their profits by adding more volume to each shipment. Having 10+ years of experience importing and exporting goods internationally please see realistic guide timelines for sea freight and air freights from the far east. It’s worth noting these are guide timelines and always worth checking with your supplier the current live lead times.

Guide Timelines (Sea Freight, High Volume)

Manufacturing of the goods 15-20 days approx (Volume and product dependant)

Sea freight on the water to the UK is 6-8 weeks approx. (It’s best practice to factor in a minimum of 2-3 weeks for any unforeseen delays the longer the lead time you can have the better, however, we know this is not always as easy in practice when participants are signing up to events closer to the event dates. Knowing the final quantity of units to order can often be a challenge.

Don’t get caught out missing the boat or being pressured into booking too early.

Guide Timelines (Air Freight, Smaller Volume)

Manufacturing of the goods 10-15- days approx (Volume and product dependant)

Air freight to the UK can take approx 4-6 weeks approx from when the artwork has been signed off. (It’s best practice to factor in a minimum of 2 weeks for any unforeseen delays the longer the lead time you can have the better.

swift event supplies

Air freight charges really do cost the earth! Try to avoid paying for air freight when possible.

Chinese New Year Dates

January 22, 2023, is the first day of the “Year of the Rabbit.” The official government holiday will last from January 21st through the 27th.

During CNY, every factory in the country will be closed…Yes, every factory including Swift Event Supplies factories. The official public holiday only lasts for seven days. But, most factories are fully closed for between two and four weeks. Additionally, many Chinese factory workers take extra time off, leaving in the weeks leading up to their company closure dates, which slows production down significantly. Many workers will not return immediately afterwards, meaning that it can take up to a month for production to return to full capacity after the holiday.

swift event supplies

Chinese New Year affects the global supply chain every year. With the impact of Covid make sure you are aware of the key dates and live lead times.

As the world faces unprecedented levels of uncertainty, it can be difficult to predict how national and global events will affect factories during the Chinese New Year in 2023. For instance, Covid-19 restrictions have complicated travel between provinces in China, causing people to either choose not to go home or to stay away longer than usual. Outside of China, there is also much uncertainty due to the varying state of the EU and US economies, plus potential interruptions in energy supplies from Ukraine tensions. Consequently, all parties need to consider how unexpected events may impact their production and shipping schedules for this important holiday.

Swift By Name Swift By Nature (Think Green)

Swift Event Supplies is the market leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing eco-friendly event supplies in the U.K. Swift lives up to its motto – Swift by Name Swift by Nature – as it strives for reducing waste in its production processes and manufacturing more products locally. Manufacturing in the U.K. doesn’t cost the earth!

 This can be seen through their innovative wooden medals that can be laser etched or UV printed in the U.K. We use FSC-certified timber and have also teamed up with our official partner Trees Not Tees. For every order that an event organiser or charity places with Swift Event Supplies for eco-wooden medals, we plant a tree and send the organiser a certificate to share with their audience. Manufacturing goods more locally reduces carbon footprint and also offers more control and quality assurances and can often be produced quicker with less hassle and no dreaded import delays and duties.

Some best practices worth noting is how many event organisers learnt the hard way during covid was to not include the year on products where possible this can reduce waste if you have any leftovers or for whatever reason the event does not take place as planned and can be reused the following year.

Swift’s commitment to sustainability further extends to its manufacturing processes as it adopts sustainable practices from start to finish. Swift truly delivers on its promise of going above and beyond when it comes to producing not just quality but sustainable event supplies in the UK and around the world.

Trees Not Tees partnership with Swift Event Supplies

Eco-friendly event supplies that don’t cost the earth! designed and manufactured in the UK

More insightful event industry articles coming soon.

Event Consultant – Swift Event Supplies

Sports Medals Lead-times

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