Bespoke medal design service graphic visual. Graphic design for sports medals.

Bespoke Medal Design Service

Bespoke Medal Design Service

We Design Bespoke Medals UK – Swift Creative Service  

Our creative designers have had 10+ years of experience in creating incredible bespoke medal designs. At Swift, we offer a full custom medal design service for free. If you have an existing artwork or vector file that’s great – simply send it our way and trust us to create something totally unique!

However, if you don’t possess the necessary artworks in scalable format (such as EPS or Ai), our talented designers can craft original branding at just £30.00 per hour. Engage with Team Swift today and allow them to bring your vision into reality; we await your call or brief via our easy-to-follow enquiry form. 

Our professional design service is here to enhance your upcoming sports event or fundraising campaign.
Our talented design team pride ourselves on offering the best creative service when it comes to bespoke medal design!

Head of creativity Chris Dolan is a product designer and has 10+ years' experience working with event orgainsers and charities bringing bespoke innovative products to life. Swift by name and inspired by nature!

Supplying Your OWN Branding / Artwork WITH OUR CREATIVE TEAM

We require your artwork in vector format. What is vector artwork? 

Digital graphic design created using vector graphics software. Vector artwork is resolution-independent, meaning the artwork can be scaled to any size without losing quality or clarity. Vector files often have filename extensions such as .EPS or .AI and are used for logos, illustrations and typefaces.

The advantages of vector graphics versus raster graphics (like JPG or PNG) include crisp edges, small file sizes and scalability so they can be resized for various print and web applications with no loss in quality. They are easily adjustable to changes in color, scale, proportion and shape without losing image quality. This makes them ideal for logos which often have to fit multiple formats with different proportions and color palettes.

Vector files offered in EPS or AI format are usually the industry standard file types accepted by professional printers and graphic designers because they offer greater flexibility when it comes to editing the artwork. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) offers a higher quality image than other file formats like PDF or JPEG while AI (Adobe Illustrator) enables complex artworks featuring transparency, gradients and blends to be maintained in a compact format suitable for printing at a high quality.

Wooden Medal & Printed Ribbon Templates


Swift creative service is market leading and offers marketing visuals to enhance your campaign. If you are looking to increase your conversions / sign ups to your events or if you are looking to engage your fundraising supporters, we are experts in creating high quality content to excite your audience. Speak with our creative team how we can make real impact in your upcoming campaign.  

Make your marketing campaigns stand out with Swift Creative Service’s 3D visuals! Our team of experts are here to help increase conversions, sign ups and engagement from your supporters. Unleash the power of high-quality content today and watch real impact be made in your upcoming campaign – let’s talk about how we can get started. 


Medal Design Considerations and Features 

Its worth considering which materials will offer the best result for your bespoke medals.  

  • Pantone matched printed ribbons 

  • Pantone matched enamelling on bespoke medals 

  • U.V Printed Wooden Medals  

  • Laser Etched Wooden Medals  

  • Cut Out Shape Medals 

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